Joto connects but does nothing else. No light

Hi @chaos - can you drop me an email at and I’ll get you back up and running.

Can you drop me an email at and I’ll get you up and running.

@jim As you requested, I sent you an email with the info from the back of my Joto. Two more months have passed and I’m just as stuck as I was on January 1. You’ve said all year that a solution is available, so I’m mystified as to why you haven’t delivered it.

Still no fix. Please hurry. It can’t be that hard to do. If you can reprogram them at joto then you should be able to reprogram them over internet. Just as an update or something.

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This is getting ridiculous. Get your head out of your ass and reprogram my joto so it can work period. All this waiting for you to do your job now all ink is dried out, nibs dried, etc. The fix should be able to be completed at home and sent over internet to repair our jotos. No reason Covid would hinder productivity.

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Any news yet? Maybe just send me a new joto that works. No updates in over a year. This is not good customer service.

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Absolutely nothing. After so many promises. The website still indicates they’re selling Jotos so I wonder what’s going on.

Still hoping a solution is being worked on. No response from anyone at joto. Can somebody do a wellness check on them.