Joto connects but does nothing else. No light

Today I installed the new pen on my Joto. Everything went very smoothly until the step where it was supposed to draw a straight line. Since then it is completely unresponsive. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. The app sees the Joto and says that it is connected, but any requests for a jot or care mode results in nothing at all. I have also unplugged and plugged back in the Joto several times. It has not helped. Also there is no light next to the button on the top of the Joto.

Help please!

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Hi @jxn

Can you confirm if you unplug and plug the Joto in at the power, whether the light comes on at all?

The light on the Joto never comes on. If I plug the charging cable ONLY into the power brick, nothing happens. If it’s plugged in at both ends the power brick green light turns on. But the Joto is unresponsive.

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Hi @jxn - ok it sounds like we might need to get you the firmware software to reinstall. We’re just working on a new version, should be completed in the next few days. Will drop you a line when its ready to go

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Will I need any special hardware to get the firmware onto the Joto?

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Hi @jxn - no just a USB micro cable. Please check it allows data, and is not just a charge cable.

Will post the firmware rescue software here once finished, we’re just resolving some final bugs in this version.

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Any progress on the firmware update? Another 25 days have passed of my 365 days of art and my Joto is still inoperable.

Sorry - lots of challenges due to lockdown and Brexit! Are you on Mac or PC? Mac uploader is complete and PC one is nearly there.

I’m on PC. Thanks for your help with this!

It seems like I am having the same issue that jxn had, I can connect to the Joto but no lights and the app seems to hang when sending Joto. I’m on firmware 1.3.0. I use a Mac. How do get the updates that you mentioned?

Hi @jokr - we have a Mac firmware tool available. Can you drop me an email at and we can get you up and running

It’s been more than two months since a fix for my issue was promised within “a few days.” Nothing has been delivered so far. Since my Joto is currently a brick, perhaps it would be easier for you to ship me a replacement unit? I really would like to be able to use it.

Hi @jxn - sorry, just a lot on my plate at the moment with the launch of apps and also running a business out of lockdown in the UK. Hoping to jump back on fixing the last few bits on the Windows rescue tool shortly.

Mine is also dead. Red light barely there. Power adapter green.

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@jim Any progress? I sure would like to use my Joto! Could you have it released by the end of next week?

So weird!! My otherwise dead-as-a-doorknob Joto sprang to life just long enough to draw this, then turned back into a brick!


What can I do???

@jim @jim1 Any progress? You said “in the next few days” on January 7th! I’m pretty sure I’m not unreasonable in asking that you make this a priority now that five months have gone by.

Alternatively, one of your comments suggests that if I can find a friend with a Mac, they might be able to fix it. How would that work?

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Hi @jim,
As the PC version doesn’t seem to be ready yet, please advise us about the Mac version. I’ll try to find somebody who owns a Mac so I can finally start using my Joto again.

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It’s been six months since I posted my request for help. @jim @jim1 has repeatedly said help was on the way, but nothing has been delivered, not even after I requested a copy of the Mac fix which was supposedly done in February.

This is the community forum. Anyone have any suggestions?

@jxn - sorry for the delay. We’ve been in very low power mode during the last few months in lockdown in the UK. Things are easing up here now so hoping to get the show back on the road. Will pick up you email now