Creating Your First Jot

The Create screen allows you to use a finger or stylus to draw your own Jot.

1. Create screen

Select the drawing icon (second from left) in the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.

2. Drawing tool

Select the drawing tool to start Jotting on the square canvas.

3. Transform tool

With the transform tool you can select lines from your drawing to scale and rotate.

4. Clear

Not happy with your work? Hit the clear button to start again.

5. Jot

Hit the plus icon to choose whether you want to Jot your creation now or save it for later. Saving for later will store your Jot on your profile page.

Hi there

I cant seem to save or send any of my own jots to the Joto. It works fine with the image gallery already provided but on I can’t seem to do any of my own stuff

When I try to save I get the above message and then there are no jots in my profile

If you click ok - and then draw something additional on the canvas, can you then save the jot?

If not, can I suggest quitting the app and restarting and seeing if you can save a jot then? There must be something drawn before you try to send or save.

I restarted the app and it works now. One other question is how do you upload pictures I might already have saved on my phone from other sources?

Ah good stuff!

You can use SVG vector files by simply saving them to your phone storage or iCloud. Then click the green plus button and choose import SVG.

We’re working on some photo conversion filters ourselves, or you can use something like this that another member or our community @lws shared: