You know, this is really frustrating

There is a short flicker of activity in this forum, my hopes go up, promises are made, and suddenly a month goes by without a peep here. This has happened before, probably will again after this post. I love Joto. I love the potential. I just hate the secrecy. You say you are working with a handful of interested people on how to create apps. Why not with all interested?
There also seems to be a lot of activity going on that is email based and therefore lost to the community.

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I couldn’t agree more! I posted about my bricked Joto on January 1st. On January 7th I was told I needed new firmware and, “We’re just working on a new version, should be completed in the next few days.” Several times since then @jim has repeated a version of “real soon now” and then nothing happens. So, yes, really frustrating!

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@brandstaetter @jxn - sorry guys. Unfortunately it’s just a a consequence of being a small team.

I’ve had a few things come up during lockdown here in the UK that have required my immediate attention. There’s no secrecy- just as soon as I finish the pressing priorities I can get back onto the fun things