Unwanted drawing every day

Hi !

My Joto draw a plant every day around 1pm Paris time. I don’t understand why.

It bothers me a lot. Does anybody know how to avoid that ? Does anybody have the same pb ?

Tks !

Ps : that kind of plants :

It’s a pity not to receive any help about that issue… It is very annoying that my jots are erased and replaced by unwanted flowers all the time.

I tried to pair my Joto again to change any API key but it seems not possible as my Joto seems to have its own id. It was just an idea : I thought my joto id/account would have been hacked or something.

Doing that, I found something I completely forgot I could have done at the first setup : there is a kind of “hidden” app list when, in the Joto App, I touch on “ready to jot” on top of the screen, then touch “device info” and touch the field “device name” :

I’m not a 365 days of art subscriber. But it seems the “Overflower” app is free ? And it is proposed to “add it to playlist”. Maybe I add it at setup time ? And this app seems to draw flowers !

I found no way to remove it from the app. Because “playlist and apps are only available with a 365 days of art subscription”, then, impossible to see or remove my apps if I have any :

Would somebody from Joto be kind enough to remove that app from my account or to tell me how to do it by myself please ?

Hi there

Did you find a solution to the playlist drawing that can’t be stopped without a 365 subscription?

I have the same problem but can’t see any solutions.


Hi noodledoodles,
Yes, I managed to remove that app by myself. I can’t remember how but I think I created another account of something like that.