Trouble with Playlists

Hi is anyone else having trouble with the new playlists feature?

I have set up the following playlist

6am Weather
8am 365 of the day
10pm flowers

(Time in GMT)

Most of the time it doesn’t do the drawings at all, but some times like yesterday it does them all.
I have come down this morning to no weather, and most days this is the same, the only app that seems to work reasonably constantly is the flowers app. Is there something I am doing wrong or need to have done in the app to make this work?

@dom_a2345 - still early days for playlists, so it could be various things.

So to confirm - the weather app has worked for you? You didn’t change settings between it successfully drawing and not?

The apps are responsible for returning their own content, so it might be specific to the app. But we’re collating all feedback and will share with each of the devs.

It could be internet connection? Does Joto have a stable connection?

Could you email your JID of your Joto to and we can double check that the playlist for your device is setup correctly on our server.

I occasionally have problems too. Have a similar set up to dom:

6am Weather
9am 365 (Set to random)
5pm Flower (Set to complex)

Yesterday we didn’t get weather or 365. Today we didn’t get weather. Weather had been working for most of the week before that. The internet is stable here.

Great - thanks for the feedback. We’ll monitor things and see if we can get to the bottom of it.

I agree, on some days it does not trigger correctly…

Hi there,
Same issue here. I have two jotos and have not been able to make any jots at all using playlists in none of them.
Let’s wait for some news.

@jose - not being able to send any doesn’t sound right? Can you give us some more details

Hi Jim,

sorry I missed your reply. I can send jots normally but at the moment I wrote the post, no playlist was working in none of my 2 Jotos.

Now, playlists work some days and do not work some other days. I have not been able to stablish a pattern.