Rotate Community Jots?

My Joto sits in landscape, rather than portrait, as that’s how it best fits on my shelf. I’m wondering if there could be a feature to rotate the community Jots, so then I can still show them on my Joto without it being sideways.

Hi - I think you might be the only person we know to have Joto in landscape mode!

That’s quite a complex ask given the current setup - but if lots of people want to vote in favour of the feature below, then we might well look at it :slight_smile:

Oh, I like this feature!

Personally, I could imaging a Joto extra large - maybe the whiteboard space of four jotos put together
Imagine the fun you could have there!

@garethingram - we already make a large machine called Joto X :slight_smile: Can go upto 2m x 2m on a variety of surfaces.