Possibility of colour jots?


Loving the new ink system.

Wondered if it’s possible to have a way to pause the jot or for it to stop and allow you to change the nib and then carry on with the drawing. You could then have different nibs with different coloured inks set up ready to go. Swop them out and add more options to a drawing?

Just an idea.


We’ve got something in the works that might actually allow you to do this.

One of biggest changes we’ve made a few months ago, was the way jots were structured. Whilst the only visible change at the moment is being able to erase multiple times, it will soon allow you to add to jots without erasing each time. We have a new “annotation” feature in testing as we speak.

You’ll then be able to replay jots, part by part too. So potentially you could change the pen between each part.

Be interested to see the results!

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Oh, that’d be very welcome indeed.

Any update on this? Would be great for games like battleships, etc

We’ve been fully focused on the app side of things at the moment. But that may well enable a developer to do something under their own steam