(Open source/publish) SVG to G-code translation

First of all, I really love my Joto. I have it set up in our hall to always display our family calendar for the next few days and it’s been really helpful in remembering when to take which child where…

What I am really missing, however, to make the interaction with Joto simpler is a way to translate generic SVG file to Joto gcode and jot them. This could either by via a command line interface to translate .svg to .gcode to be sent to my Joto via the serial interface (I believe somebody already for something similar here so I’m not getting my hopes up), or an API to send arbitrary SVGs to be jotted (or is it jot) on my Joto via the internet.

Do you think that something like that could be implemented? I’m fully aware that this may not have the highest of priorities, but it would be tremendously appreciated! Also, I believe, people looking to use Jotos in art installations, etc., could make use of that easily.

Thank you very much!

P.S.: I know that you can upload and translate SVGs using the iOS app, and that’s great, but I would need to have a way to do that programmatically for automatically-generated SVGs. However, it also shows me that the code is already there, somewhere on your servers. If there was a way you could publish that code, whatever language it is in, that would be fantastic. Thanks again!