No response from Joto

About a month ago my Joto stopped working. I tried with different (60w) power adapters and cables, but to no use. The red light does not come an and there is no reaction. What to do?

Hi @warmupsio - can you confirm the following:

  • Does the Joto power adapter have a green light on when you plug it into Joto
  • if it does, can you look closely at the the red light. It may come on but very very very dim?

We should be able to resolve this perhaps with some firmware rescue software.

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I can confirm: if I plug the boot in in a dark room I can see the red light glow very very dim. If I unplug it the dim light disappears.

The light on the power adapter is also on. A rescue Firmware sounds great :slight_smile:

Ok great - can you drop us a quick email at and we can take you through the process

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After a firmware update everything is working again. Thank you very much for your help.

Great - glad you’re up and jotting again :+1: