Looking after Joto's surface

Joto’s whiteboard surface is made from a thin painted steel sheet, laminated onto a rigid board.

Like most whiteboard surfaces, chemicals and abrasives will damage the dry-erase finish making it difficult to remove ink over time. We suggest to only clean Joto’s surface with a clean microfibre cloth, lightly dampen if needed. Drawings left on the whiteboard surface will become harder to remove if left for an extended period of time. We recommend periodically wiping Joto’s surface by hand with a microfibre cloth to keep it’s dry-erase properties in good condition.

We also suggest to only use Joto branded ink, other inks may contain chemicals that can degrade Joto’s surface over time.

Take care when handling Joto, dents or scratches on the surface will affect Joto’s ability to draw and wipe.