Joto Won’t Complete Pen Calibration

I can’t complete Step 9 of pen calibration. Instead of moving to pen position, it just backs out, then back in the dock, then “Opps” an error occurred, try again.

Clicking Try again repeats process.

So, pen can never be calibrated.

I need to calibrate it, since the pen has missing lines, and on the “missing lines” setting, the pen will not move forward or backward (those buttons do nothing) presumably because the pen isn’t (and can’t be) calibrated.

On firmware 1.3

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Hi @tatecg - its a bug we’re aware of and trying to fix now

Great— hope it can be resolved soon/quickly!

Likewise, I have the same problem described by @tatecg on firmware 1.3. Happy to try out any beta releases to see if it fixes the problem, when you have them available.

Any news on a fix? My Joto is sad and blank…

@tatecg - can you try quitting and restarting the app and then try the pen calibration routine from the device center? We’ve tested and its working for us now.

Let us know how you get on as it might be specific to your phone or Joto.


Followed your instructions, and it works for me now, too. Great! Would have tried earlier, but was waiting for some notification that whatever the bug was had been remedied. Anyway, glad it seems sorted, now.