Joto Update 2022

Hi team!

Is Joto still alive? I haven’t seen any activity, or any bug fixes for the 365 Days of Art issue.

I love this device but I’m starting to wonder if I should think about writing my own software to leverage it or else just mothballing it and putting something else up on my wall.

Any communication either way would be great.

Hello… I have not heard anything from the community or Jotorocks in a very long time, so I wrote Jim a note last week at his personal email and have not heard anything back…I am concerned he may have fallen ill or got Covid?? Hopefully he will see this and reply to us avid Joto fans that all is well…

Hello ?? Is this thing on? Can you hear me now? My joto is still a paperweight. Would like a repair already.

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Any update from Joto at all? Wonder if the company has now folded?