Joto Update 2021

Hi everybody, I notice things have gone quiet

How are things going with Joto

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Same question here. The last post from joto on Twitter is from January. 365 Days of Art stopped a while ago and in the app I still can’t see some of the jots. Been like this forever. Besides “we are on it” and “hopefully running soon again” there is no substantial information on what is going on at all. Yes, small team and the pandemic…I know. But anything else besides this?

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Hi @garethingram @golph - things have been in low power mode due to the lockdown restrictions. We’re slowly trying to spin things back up now that things are opening back up again. Main things we’ll be focusing on is finishing off the remaining Kickstarter shipments, fixing 365 issues and some firmware tools, and then we’ll be back on trying to introduce some new stuff too.

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Fire me an e-mail if you want me to help out or test new features

Thanks as always Jim x