Joto resets and erases current jot after 24 hours

This has been happening for the past couple months. Previously I just ignored the issue and left my board blank because I didn’t have the time or will power to deal with it.

Yesterday at 4:04pm, my Joto randomly activated and erased the drawing that was on the board. I resent the drawing. Then today, at 4:05pm, my Joto again randomly activated and erased the drawing that was on the board.

It is connected to power with the supplied cord and wall brick. It is connected directly to the outlet. The firmware is up to date and running 1.3.0. The iPhone app is up to date and connects just fine. The pen upgrade is in place. All calibrations are done.

What is going on?

I’m certainly no expert, but it almost sounds like you have a playlist turned on to go off about 4:00pm and it’s doing a 365 days which for me these days is a blank Jot…I’m only doing the daily weather playlist and that only hits about twice a week at best…
Hopefully Jim will see this and have a better response…
Sorry I’m not much help…

it was a good idea but I don’t have a playlist and don’t subscribe to 365 days. Added twist - I put another Jot up the other day and it erased after around 4 hours. Same thing though - I wasn’t messing with the app and it appeared to just do it without reason.

Ok then…And my final answer is……Ghosts !!!
Sorry, that’s all I got…
Good luck