Joto refuses to draw my Jot!

For the last few weeks, whenever my grandchildren have drawn a Jot, the app just flatly does nothing when i try to ‘Send’ it - apart from blanking out the drawing page (pressing Undo gets the joy back on screen).

The Jots don’t show up in either ‘Jots’ or ‘History’, but if I try pressing the ‘+’ button again, and select either ‘Jot’ or ‘Save for Later’, it says ‘Already Saved. Ooops. Looks like you’ve already saved this. Make some changes or send this jot from your saved jots’.

It really is very frustrating, and gives an appallingly bad impression of Joto to everyone I am demonstrating it to.

As ever, there are no useful instructions or troubleshooting tips as to how to cope with this situation. Surely i can’t be the only person this has happened to?

I had that happen a while ago…try unplugging and then plugging JOTO and log off and back in on your phone/ or iPad which ever you use…
Good luck…
Jim will probably get up with you tomorrow also.

Many thanks, Bob.

The old trick of switching it off and on again seems to have worked!

Not a dicky bird from any of the Joto team 8 days after my post, though - not good. :frowning:

The support here is pretty terrible sadly.

@derek - hopefully the problem is now sorted. There will be two reasons why a jot doesn’t draw:

  • a temporary connection issue
  • a problem with the drawing itself - but this is generally due to imported SVGs

With regards to the support - we set up for the forum so that community members could help each other with common problems, in order to avoid the backlogs created by a single file ticket system being handled by a small team spinning lots of plates, especially during lockdown restricitions.

Dear anonymous(!!) team member: I find it weird (& disappointing) that you expect users to solve other users’ problems, whilst Joto offers little or no help whatsoever.

Joto will never become a trusted brand if you continue to take that approach.

@mattjenkins16’s comment says it all.