Joto is really TOUGH!

I’ve been getting to know my Joto trying different ways of drawing images. I removed it from the wall so I could work with it near my desktop computer so it was sitting upright on a table. In a moment of carelessness, I knocked it over and it fell to the floor. It’s a carpeted floor, but still, it was quite a fall. I got it back on the table and ran a quick plot. No problem. Works just like it did before the fall. Joto is TOUGH! :grinning:

@dwburger - hah glad to hear it survived. Whilst we wouldn’t encourage anyone to bash Joto about, we have travelled a lot around the world with Joto’s and they’re pretty robust. Main thing to be careful of is the moving arm, thats the most sensitive to knocks and being pushed out of alignment, and also the whiteboard surface, that can be scratched.

One other good thing about Joto is it is very repairable - it was designed that way to reduce waste, so most things can be replaced or mended.

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