Joto, has a steady solid red light

A steady red light on Joto generally means there is a network connection issue.

If you click Joto’s button and the light flashes briefly before restarting the unit, its almost certainly connection problems.

Have you changed your router or network settings recently?

Maybe its signal strength in your home, try moving Joto’s location to see if its can pick up your wifi from there.

If your Joto doesn’t respond to button clicks you can reply to this topic and we will try to help you.

This is my situation.
I reset the network, deleted from the app, added back, and all worked.
Then we had a power blip and it won’t reconnect.
Power cycle, no love.
Just solid red.

@GribbleSchnitz Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m in the exact same position :frowning:

Same situation here as well. Moved houses. Solid red light. Tried deleting from app, etc. Nothing.

Hello - after a long time I want to get back to Joto - but there is the solid red light … what to do