Joto bar cannot clear the new home white disk

I am switching from old ink to new easy fill. After removing the old black gasket and inserting the new white disk for the home resting place for the pen, the bar does not have enough clearance. It jams when trying to move the bar up when going to safety mode.

Did you follow the installation steps from the Joto app? In the app, go to the menu, Easy Fill Upgrade Guide, and follow all instructions there.
It is not just a Guide, it runs specific calibrations commands to set the pen and eraser position properly.

Perhaps the word “Guide” is misleading there. It is more a “Setup” than a guide, but it will guide you through the setup of the easy fill upgrade.

Hope that helps.

I did follow instructions specifically. The issue is not with the pen itself but the entire white bar that houses he eraser and pen. The bar hits the white ink receptacle. Sometimes the gear grinds and the bar stops because it cannot pass that point.

Please check to see that both ends of the eraser bar are properly seated. When I changed out my pen, one end of the bar has slipped out.

From the image, you can see that the inner ring of the dock hits the white cross bar. The eraser bar is properly seated.

Is it catching by a long way or just a little?

It might be easily fixed by undoing the little black screw that’s on the underside of Jotos white arm and just pushing the white plastic cowling up a little and then tightening the screw back up.

If that doesn’t fix it, drop us an email at and we can see how we can resolve