Joto as Home Assistant display

I finally got around to connecting my Home Assistant and Joto using the awesome packages from NTag on github.

My project is here: ha-joto-node, and it’s basically a small node script that pulls data from Home Assistant and draws it on the Joto. I use it to draw weather, sleep stats, etc. first thing in the morning so it’s ready when I walk into my office, but Home Assistant has so many integrations it could display data from almost anywhere.

I’m open to feature suggestions if anyone else finds this useful.

P.S. I’d love to adapt this as a native Joto app, just waiting for my invite…

This is awesome @hellolukemeyer :boom:

Drop us a quick email at and we can work out how we can integrate it further

Email sent, I sent one awhile back when the initial announcement went out, but never heard back, I guess you got a ton of requests right away.

Hey Luke - I sent you an email, so feel free to get me directly on

@joto looks like there’s some email issues, I don’t have anything from you and my messages are unanswered :slightly_frowning_face:. Maybe DM me here with how to get set up?