Displaying Joto

Joto has been designed for vertical display. We recommend hanging Joto on a wall or you can choose to showcase it on a tabletop using our bamboo stand.

Be careful when handling Joto to avoid damaging any of the moving components. Never rest Joto on it’s front.

Mounting Joto on the wall?

We’ve included two mounting screws with every Joto which should be setup 180mm apart on your wall of choice (there’s a handy template in the user manual). You’ll find two keyhole hanging slots in the back of Joto’s case which slot over the screws once they’ve been securely fastened in place.

Due to the huge variety of wall types we can’t guarantee that the included screws will be suitable for every location. Please seek advice when attempting to mount Joto to your wall.

If you’re not comfortable drilling holes into your wall, there are other options for hanging Joto. We’ve used large 3M picture hanging command strips in locations where drilling wasn’t possible. Please ensure your surface and hanging solution are suitable before using it to support your Joto, we can’t accept responsibility if Joto falls off your wall :wink:

Bamboo stand

If you’re not the DIY type we’ve designed a beautiful Bamboo stand just for you (available separately). Our bamboo stand is a great option for displaying your Jots on a tabletop. The two sides simply slot together allowing Joto to rest on top.

Keep everything tidy by routing the power cable through the back of the stand.