Creating an app for the playlist

With the new update out I have to say I love the 3 included apps. I can’t believe that no one has asked for instructions how to create and submit such an app. Did I miss that somewhere?

Hi @brandstaetter - so far we’ve had some good interest from developer emailing directly, but we’d love to open up the discussion on the forum too so that over developers can learn from it. Can you request access to the Developer lounge and tell us about the app you’d like to create. We’ll post instructions there on how to create apps.

Could I ask for some clarification here??? New update??? My Joto app shows Firmware Version 1.3.0. Is that the newest/latest? Also, what is meant by “3 included apps”? I’m new to Joto and just want to make sure I’m up-to-date. Thanks!

Hi @dwburger - apps and playlist went live on Friday. Big public announcement tomorrow.

It’s available to 365 Days of Art subscribers. If you look in the Device Center - you’ll see the Playlist tab and can add apps to a different time slots to be drawn automatically.

If you’d like to develop and app it’s very easy with some basic web code and you get a free 365 subscription to say thank you!

Thanks for the explanation! I’ll look forward to the announcement tomorrow. Looks like I’ve got lots to learn.

Whoops sorry, diddn’t know this wasn’t yet 100% ppublic :smiley:

It’s live and available to everyone - but only announced to our Kickstarter backers on Friday. A newsletter to everyone is going out today :slight_smile:

Now that I understand what the three apps are and reading that app creation is “very easy with some basic web code”, I’d like to know more. Can anyone post details on how to proceed? I’d like to know what’s involved. Thanks!

Hi @dwburger - sure just drop me an email (you’ve got my address) with your email you use for login and I’ll set you up an app :slight_smile:

(Have added you to the dev group in this forum so you can post to the dev lounge)

I’d also like to get some more detailed info about what is involved and possible. Please consider putting it “half-public” in this developer forum.

We’re just putting together some examples now - and some other community members are just helping us with their preferred dev languages

I like the apps and playlist too. I see so much potential on the platform. I’d like to see more public apps like calendar, feed from my library, etc. but also, I wonder if I could make an app just for my team. Is there any plan for people to make private apps?

Hi @daichi_mn - there’s already a few devs putting some apps together. Hopefully the App Library will grow pretty quickly!

You can make your own private app as a developer - that’s already possible :slight_smile: It would be great to share as much as you can with the community - even if it’s not the whole app. And of course we can help you set up your app too.

Can you please send me some (preliminary) info about how to set up an app? I’d really like to do something now instead of waiting…

Yes, I agree. Any information posted here to get started would be much appreciated.