Completely dead?

I put in an order for pens and ink, did get a confirmation email and the money was withdrawn.
However, no follow-ups, no updates, and it has been weeks.
I have tried to contact support via email, Facebook, Twitter, and even Jim on LinkedIn. But nothing =(.
Is this platform completely dead now?
Any ideas on how to get a hold of someone who can tell e the staus of it all?
If there is no way to but more pens or ink. What do we do instead?


Hi there Jimmy,

Yeah - I’ve had no response from the team either. I’ve also placed a pen refill order in the last month with no success - gonna try and get a refund via pank/paypal.

In terms of pens - donw a bit of looking and found these

They seem slightly bigger than joto’s - but I think they might work. There are plent of places to pic up the ink from (it’s relatively universal).

Gonna order them up and I can let you know.

Otherwise - Joto is dead in terms of upgrades, but we can still draw our ownSVGs - probably more of an argument for the community to create and share!

All the best