Completely dead?

I put in an order for pens and ink, did get a confirmation email and the money was withdrawn.
However, no follow-ups, no updates, and it has been weeks.
I have tried to contact support via email, Facebook, Twitter, and even Jim on LinkedIn. But nothing =(.
Is this platform completely dead now?
Any ideas on how to get a hold of someone who can tell e the staus of it all?
If there is no way to but more pens or ink. What do we do instead?


Hi there Jimmy,

Yeah - I’ve had no response from the team either. I’ve also placed a pen refill order in the last month with no success - gonna try and get a refund via pank/paypal.

In terms of pens - donw a bit of looking and found these

They seem slightly bigger than joto’s - but I think they might work. There are plent of places to pic up the ink from (it’s relatively universal).

Gonna order them up and I can let you know.

Otherwise - Joto is dead in terms of upgrades, but we can still draw our ownSVGs - probably more of an argument for the community to create and share!

All the best

Hi there,
Don’t understand why the Joto team is not responding anymore but at the same time the community pages and the Joto cloud is still working (“Those LTD” seems to continue to be active) . Someone have to pay for server hosting. I think it may have been completely forgotten and everything will become offline soon. If the cloud desappear, Joto will only be functionnal by its usb port. Tricky. It will be a zombi device like the Nabastag rabbit went for people who can remenber it.
For that reason, I encourage you to save the most important pages of this forum on you computer in the case of its probable sunset. I did it already.
I saw some users beeing sent a “rescue firmware” in some treads of the community by the Joto team but through their personal email. Would some of you be kind enough to make it available here (by a link) so everybody concerned by future problems on there joto could try to flash this special firmare by themself ?
Sad to have to do be prepared for joto end…

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