Cleaning issues

Heya Joto. Long long long time user here. My Joto isn’t cleaning well at all. Even with three wipes in the cleaning settings, taking off the wiper bar and pressing it to a clean surface, and manually cleaning with a microfibre cloth this happens every time.

What else should I try? Can the wiper be replaced? Help please.

Hi @waf - there’s various reasons why Joto won’t wipe clean. If its not the wiper it might be due to the condition of the ink or nibs in your pen.

If you haven’t read it already - here is a post covering a lot of erase issues:

You can replace the wiper sponge - 3 spares were supplied with your Joto in the accessories box, there’s a video showing how you can do this on the link above.

Let us know how you get on.

This has helped, but has identified other issues, the drawing arm isn’t equidistant from the board. From left to right, the bar gets slightly closer to the board. This means that now the image is clearly erased on the right side, but not so much on the left. And trying to increase/reduce the pen down mode resulted in half an imagine even at a -5 calibration. Is there a way to even this out?

Hi @waf - there maybe some slight variations in the arm being parallel to the surface but the thickness of the sponge should be able to absorb that. The spring in the pen is also designed to absorb any differences over the surface. We would recommend putting the drawing settings back to the settings that were working before.

If your board was operating fine before, unless it’s taken a knock or something has come loose, then it should be well with operating tolerances. Could you give the moving arm a gentle wiggle and see if there’s any unexpected movement? Can you see the sponge pressing fully across the surface when the wiper bar engages?

If you wipe the surface with quite light pressure with a micro fibre cloth - does it remove the ink easily or does it require some pressure to remove? It might be that the surface needs a good polish as dried on ink will cause further jots to stick.