Can't enter pairing mode

I cannot enter pairing mode and get the flashing red light on. The button feels fine, I can feel the clicking, but the joto won’t restart and enter pairing mode. Any advice is welcome

Hi @bhodel112 - what’s the light currently doing on Joto?

Just so we have context - why are you putting Joto into pairing mode. Is it linked to changing WiFi router details at all?

The light won’t do anything. I just moved, so new internet, and it says it’s offline. The instructions said if the internet is new to reset it by pressing the button for 2sec

Is the light on solid red?

And when you hold the button down does the pen move and make a noise?

No, there is no light. And no, I held it down for a while and nothing happened

Hmm ok - I expect the light is on but very very dim. It’s a known issue that we’re trying to track down the cause. But you need to do a firmware recovery.

Are you on Mac or PC?

I’m using a PC buy yes, maybe it’s really dim

Ok - can you drop me an email at with the JID of your Joto (it’s on the sticker on the back)

I’ll drop you instructions of the next steps too.