App v1.9.5 Released

We’re pleased to announce the release of v1.9.5 for both Android and iOS.

1.9.5 brings some exciting new features and has allowed us to launch 365 Days Of Art.


Device Center - control your Joto from a central screen. The device drop down has now been replaced with the Device Center. You can now simply swipe between Jotos if you have more than one.

Send Jots - you can now send a Jot to a friend or family member by Whatsapp, iMessage or even email. Simply click on the Send button from your profile or underneath

New App Control - you’ll now see information about your current Jot underneath Joto on the home screen. If you’ve subscribed to 365 Days Of Art, you’ll also get information about the illustrator or artist.

Pro Content - to support the launch of 365 Days Of Art, we’ve now introduced Pro users and Pro content. In order to gain access to these unique Jots, you can become a 365 Subscriber and receive a unique invite code.

Has Google approved the new Joto App for the play store. Last I saw it was still unapproved.

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Hi @johniac - yep it’s all approved:

Sometimes Google Play Store does cache pages so you may need to refresh it.

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