App restarts when viewing gallery

Hi, when I’m looking at the different jots you can draw in the gallery after a couple of scrolls down the whole app restarts. Have force stopped the app, reinstalled or and restarted the phone
Using a xiaomi Mi A1

Hi @ddoes - thanks for reporting this bug. Could I ask what version of Android you’re using? And also is this the latest version of the app?

Will take a look into this and see if I can replicate.

Can anyone else post here if they see the same issue?


I’m running android version 9. It’s all stock on the phone and app seems to be the most recent (play store doesn’t say I can update)

It also happens on my amazon Fire HD 8 (8th generation) tablet running Fire OS that I’ve side loaded the play store onto and also the latest Joto app.


Ok will see if I can replicate and fix

@ddoes - have you tried scrolling on the new version of the app 1.9.5 - can you let me know if you still have the same issue?

Hi, yes unfortunately it is still occurring as before. On both my phone and tablet.

Ok thanks @ddoes - will try and get a Fire HD to replicate

I’m having the exact same issue. When I open the gallery, and open a category, after 3 or 4 pages of scrolling the app crashes and reloads. I’m on android 10 with a samsung galaxy a40

Ok great - thanks @eded for the feedback. We’re still trying to replicate this bug. Can you confirm if you scroll slowly, do you get further? If you scroll faster does it quit earlier? I wonder if it’s a memory thing.

So this seems to be fixed. Just managed to scroll all the way through the gallery to the beginning.