365 repeat drawings of brains, etc

I don’t know about any of you other 365 users out there in “Never, Never Land”, but if I never see another set of lungs, a brain or a heart on my daily 365 of Art,I will be a very happy camper.
Jim, could you help us out here?? My wife is about to tear my JOTO off the wall… I rush in at 4:00pm every day to see what my playlist has drawn, hoping it is NOT one of the above…
Ps: You know I love my JOTO, but…:brain: 🫁 🫀no more!

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We’re just tracking down a problem with the conversion of some of our artists work, so 365 has been on hold this week. Hopefully back up and running shortly!

Hmmm, no it’s September. 5 month without any fixing. Are there any news on the issue?