365 Days of Art

I have 39 jots available in my 365 Days of Art. It’s almost June. Shouldn’t I have about 5 months worth by now? How often do these jots come out? Thanks.

I had the 365’s loaded on the Playlist and had to delete it, as I was getting the “Lungs” art every day and got pretty tired of seeing that along with the “Heart” and the “Brains”. BTW, I think those were the last 365’s to come out.

Hey guys - yep we’re working on a fix. Should be back up and running soon

Any update on getting a fix for this…? Looking for things to jot!


Don’t hold your breath. I’m still waiting for a ink refill kit from 6 months ago.

@cmykkid - if you didn’t receive your order could you just email hello@joto.rocks and we can double check if we have records of its dispatch.

Any update on 365 Days of Art working? I still don’t have many Jots from the subscription.

Any update on the 365 art?